Närcon 2015 is over..

NärCon summer ends of this year :'(.

It is always fun and nice to walk around in this convention when you meet a lot of people both old and new as you get to know, it's fun to go to this convention since it is such a wonderful atmosphere and it feels like everyone knows everyone though we never met each other before, and it makes the convention of fun to be at, then I'm a photographer and have it as a great hobby, this is an excellent place to broaden their knowledge and learn how to handle this with daring to instruct the person to position himself , act and pose in front of the camera that I have difficulty with, but it will and I think it starts dropping a little bit but has a way to go, the people I photographed, please send me feedback on things that you thought or felt, it is always good to me to and get served thoughts on what I should have said, done, thought of.

That said there were a lot of photos taken during these days, however, the weather was not the best so I got atleast 2.5 days of sun which they had the opportunity to make use of to shoot there, but then there was the weather, however, as it became with lots of rain, and perhaps we shall not mention the wind for there was after all where more or less every day, and set it up for us a part in the photo shoot, and then got it's become a part of indoor seats where you could shoot, but will not really good when the light is not as you want then, and that is of course not alone, but find out that it's been fun to meet everyone I had photographed and all those I talked to, with a sad eye I thank you so much for this year and look forward to seeing you next year maybe both NärCon Winter and summer, or perhaps any of them.

Has now begun to go through the photos to pick out the ones I will then post on my pages, will try and get them up as soon as possible, it will be a number and that they will be processed, but look here or on any of my pages during the week and I'll bring up the photos as soon as possible.



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