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Mantorp Park and Söderköping Gästabud.

Mantorp Park and Söderköping Gästabud.
Today it was a trip to Mantorp Park and Trailer Trucking Festival where it shows up rigs which are painted with motifs lacquer, however there is the horse that I myself think it looks messy, but you also have those who have much, but it really flows in… more »

City Festival Linköping.

City Festival Linköping.
This year Linköping City Festival is now in full with activities and performers, Yesterday's gig with Rydell & Quick was good and a really good atmosphere among the audience, during the day I was in town when the food market is here and you can try… more »

Pictures Närcon.. :)

Pictures Närcon.. :)
It has been a week now after I put up pictures of NärCon event that was 2 weeks ago, and it was of course a number of images that can be seen :) I must thank you so much for letting me shoot you, and that you take a look at all the pictures I uploaded… more »

Update problems.. :(

So now the blog running again after a few problems during the week when I made an update to the blog system, some of the features did not work properly, but now it will be fixed and I have not noticed any thing, but would be grateful if you se something… more »
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